A Hard Hitting, Say- it -Like- it- is Talk Show About Mental Capital & Mental Health.

Does your mind seem to have a 'mind of it's own' doing things and thinking thoughts that leave you stressed and confused. Life the way we know it has changed. So has the workplace. In this new season that is upon us, it has become extremely critical to free your mind up for innovation and creativity.

Don't Miss Any Episode! Create Mental Wealth!

Don't Miss Any Episode! Create Mental Wealth!

Understand how to manage your mental capital so that you are continuously making profit! Works for Individuals, Families, Workplaces, States, and Nations.
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About the Podcast

Truth Serum
Your mind should be your best friend and ally. Great Mental Health and deployable Mental skills are 'the' Resources we need. They are, our Capital because they have economic value.
It's 'crazy' how the mind can continue to do all the things we do not want like, intrusive thoughts, fear, resentment, worry, anxiety, etc. Why does this happen? For some of us, we have become prisoners in our own minds, helplessly tied to uncomfortable memories, obsolete beliefs, and limiting thinking styles. What implications does this have for the family, society, and the workplace? How can we change limiting patterns and empower ourselves to thrive?

The world of work and life the way we know it has changed. We need to 'reskill' and 'upskill' our mental competencies so we can prosper in the new normal.

Skills/Capabilities and Resources now include:
Resilience, Self-efficacy, Self-regulation, Self-awareness
Relational agility, Self-motivation, Trust, Values, Experiences, Assumptions about the world and people, Self-esteem, Efficiency at learning, Beliefs, Flexibility, Optimism/hope, Memory, Empathy, Assertiveness (all cognitive and attitudinal).

These are all forms of 'capital' we all need to have to be able to thrive. This has implications for the workplace, for families for states, and for nations. Mental Capital affects family life, state branding, workplace profitability, the development of tourism in states and countries, innovation, and economic development for third world countries.

On TRUTH SERUM, we look at the different ways the mind can work for us, with us, or against us. We also get insights from guests on how Mental resources can be exploited to create wealth and achieve societal progress. We discuss this under the following themes:

1. The Availability or Deficit of Mental Capital in Nigeria and the Economic value of Mental Capital
2. Mental Capital as a workplace Asset
3. When Couples Collide: Mental Capital in the home
4. Baby Girl (gender-specific): Women and Mental Wealth Creation

Join me every Monday at 10 am in the sunny city of Lagos, Nigeria. This podcast typically runs for a maximum of 60 minutes when we have crazy interviews or mad discussions. At other times it is just 30 minutes!. The show is available for free on any App that supports Podcasts. Don't miss any episode. Rate the show, leave a review, contribute! I love your feedback!

About your host

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Modupe Wigwe

Modupe is a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Counselor, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trauma Coach with an emphasis on workplace productivity. Her focus is Women, Underachieving Teams, and Dysfunctional Teams in the workplace. Dupe is motivated by a desire for REAL change; learning that EMPOWERS, and does not leave the individual dependent on the teacher/facilitator! She provides seminars and learning that address emotional issues and cognitions which burden people, impeding performance, and productivity. She does this using the training aspects of psychotherapeutic approaches. Dupe believes it is difficult for individuals and teams to change or improve behavior if they do not understand underlying tendencies that keep limiting patterns of thought and behavior in place. 

Dupe is the MD/CEO of Peak Performance Coaching Academy (PPCA) and a Member of the Board of Trustees; Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN) Dupe is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Coaching and Mentoring Nigeria (CICMCN), and a Member of the Governing Council of CICMCN. She is also the Independent Director CICMCN for Lagos Hub. Dupe believes Mental Capital is the true wealth and Mental health & wellbeing is a necessity and never optional.